We started our journey as agro based company registered under Companies Act 1956 under the name and style of Parasmoni Organic & Agri Products Pvt. Ltd. since 2003. With hearty help of our sellers, employees and most importantly with the help of our beloved farmers, our farm is successfully continuing to the development of agriculture and farmers till today. Our organic manure products have been tested in the research field by crop testing/ demonstrations in B.C.K.V. under the supervision of Dr. Aftab Jaman (Dept. of Water Management), Dr. Ranjan Kr. Basak (Dept. of Soil) and our agronomist Dr. Subhas Mandal.

We introduce the quality seeds of different crops according to the local weather conditions breeder to foundation, certified to research variety at our own land with lots of field trail. After getting the satisfied result, we recommend these from our company to the farmers of different crops like paddy, mustard, ground nut and pulse etc. Entire field research and trial control has been conducted by the eminent scientists Dr. Pronab Chatterjee and Durgadas Mondal.

Doing all sorts of activates and providing jobs to the young educated and un-educated persons in our farm and we encourage the local employment resources which is increasing day by day. We hope for better future activities & engage lots of young generation and develop sound rural economy.


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